Five Brands with Successful Marketing: How They Did It.

Brand marketing has gone a long way. Gone are the days where yellow page advertising is a thing. Today, everything is now reachable with just a click of a button thanks to the internet. However, not everyone relies on the web to avail their favorite products. And that’s where offline marketing come into play.

Today, we are going to list down five brands that do successful online and offline marketing. Without further ado, let’s have a look at them.


Freshfully is a small business that delivers organic food into your home. It started as a small online shop but gradually improved to have their own physical store as they grew more popular as years go by.

Online marketing:

  • Freshfully uses Pinterest as their preferred platform to share recipes as a means of attracting customers to try their products. Along with that, they also have a Facebook page as well full of special recipes, tips and tricks, and the like.

Offline marketing:

  • Freshfully participates in local events to advertise their products. They also partner with food organizations to join in feeding programs, making them an integral part of the community. They also help support local farmers to increase their supply.

Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn is the go-to platform for online entrepreneurs who wants to turn their niche or idea into a full blown product. It’s a great way to start your own full time online business, which suits perfectly for newbie entrepreneurs.

Online marketing:

  • Pat Flynn uses podcasts to market their Smart Passive Income in a weekly manner. Their podcasts are available to listen on any podcasts platform around the web. Along with that, Pat Flynn also has their own blogsite where they discuss about things related to online business and the like.

Offline marketing:

  • Pat Flynn and their team roam around cities and visits their audiences in a timely manner. They also hold special events and exclusive meetups where they can discuss things about online business in real-time.


Starbucks is a hit coffee shop that already made a name of themselves across the world. Their popularity has been booming year-by-year where customers are flooding from hour to hour just to get their much-needed caffeine cravings.

Online marketing:

  • Starbucks is very active on social media, especially on Twitter. What made them fun online is the fact that they will actually reply to customer’s tweets and follow some of them. Their online engagement is definitely something other companies should take a look at. They also offer a “Starbucks Digital Experience”, which is an exclusive online hub whenever you connect to their wifi.

Offline marketing:

  • Starbucks likes to play around during the holidays, where they offer customers limited special red cups that’s exclusive during that time of the year. They also held timely contests where customers can win exclusive Starbucks items.

Sierra Nevada Brewery

If you want to have a taste of high-quality beer, then the Sierra Nevada Brewery is definitely the place to be. This self-proclaimed brewery are very proud of their sustainable roots that is environmental-friendly.

Online marketing:

  • Sierra Nevada Brewery is mostly active on Twitter where they tweet about new beers that made their debut in the market. They also respond to user’s tweets just like Starbucks, making them also a good example of a company with active online audience engagement.

Offline marketing:

  •  They hold beer festivals during Octoberfest’s where people can have a taste of their high-quality brews as they dance and sing throughout the night. Newspaper companies also love them as well where they get featured in a constant basis.

River Pools and Spas

Back then, this pool-building company is just another addition to the already-saturated builders market. But with clever and effective marketing skills, River Pools and Spas gained popularity as years go by.

Online marketing:

  • River pools and spas uses YouTube as a means of engaging with customers, by showing them videos about pool design and how they create their own pools as well. Along with that, they also have a Twitter account where they posts the latest updates and answer customer concerns via tweets.

Offline marketing:

  • River Pools and Spas are featured in magazines and are often included in top 100 or top 50 lists. They also like to brag about how customers love their pool-building skills by showing it on newspapers and magazines. Talk about confidence at its peak.

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