Five Words to Use in Marketing Emails to Entice Clients

When it comes to marketing clients via email, the popular phrase “action speaks louder than words” becomes the other way around. This is because you have to take your cognitive skills to the next level to successfully attract potential clients, which means you have to create emails that can grab their attention.

Let’s be honest, this is surely a challenging task because you need to do a lot of brain work before you can yield promising results. Luckily, you have stumbled upon to this article today. Below, we are going to list down five words that you can use in marketing emails to attract clients. Let’s have a look at them!


The word “Now” invokes a person to take action immediately. Using this word on your marketing email will entice them to join your program or participate in your event without hesitation. The best place to use “Now” is to incorporate it in your CTA buttons for increased click-through rates.


Email marketing lets you take control of the situatuon. And by using the words “You” or “Your”, it gives you the authority to that person. It gives you a sense of empowerment that enables you to encourage them through their emotional level. It’s like talking one on one with the person, and not in a third person perspective.


Being polite is the kay to have an effective email marketing. And by using the word ”Thanks” , it enables you to humanize your company. It’s like giving appreciation to the reader because they lend their few minutes to read your email. Saying thanks is a great way to improve your brand loyalty.


We people are always excited when we hear the word ”Free”. If possible, always find a way to incorporate the word “Free” in your email. It’s one way to attract clients and customers because you know, who doesn’t love getting free things, right?


We love having things go the easy way. In fact, our brains are programmed to look for an easy way out to solve problems. With that said, place the “Easy” word right at the first paragraph of your marketing email. This will ease the reader’s mind to think that the task will be an easy one. Better yet, make it a part of your CTA buttons just like the word “Now” that’s mentioned earlier.

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