How Smartphones Paved the Way in Delivering Content Marketing

As time goes by, innovation and technology continues to get more advanced. With a lot of gadgets and devices saturating the market, smartphones continue to be the pioneer of them all thanks to its mobility. Before, we tend to turn on our computers just to get things done in the virtual world. Today, all of those is just one click away with the help of smartphones.

People are leaning more and more into smartphones because it’s compact, easy to carry, and most of all, it can get things done in a jiffy. That’s why if a person visits a site that isn’t mobile-friendly, they tend to look for alternative ones that can cater their needs.

This is a challenge content marketers must face. They need to deliver content that’s optimized for both desktop and mobile. What more is different mobile devices have different screens, making it difficult for these content marketers to cater and optimize content for multiple screen sizes. Listed below are some ways how smartphones have changed the way of how content marketing is done.

Video Content

Smartphones are capable of delivering video content at different resolutions. And since it can be a bit daunting reading small text on a screen, the best solution to this is by putting up video content in your site. The best part of having a video content is it’ll make things more interesting and entertaining, especially if the video is filled with informative stuff paired with a balanced use of animation.

Mobile Sites are Now a Thing

These days, myriad of site creators are optimizing their sites to be mobile-friendly. The rise of smartphones is the main reason why they do such. That’s why you should start optimizing your site so that can be viewed in any devices, especially smaller ones such as smartphones. What’s best is that sites that are optimized for different screen devices appear cleaner, organized, and doesn’t contain annoying pop-up ads that get in the way.

The Rise of Content

As time passes by, consumers are now looking for more content before they decide to purchase. Take a look at smartphone reviews, where the average consumer will read 3 to 5 of them before deciding to purchase a smartphone. The same goes for other online-related stuff as well. That’s why you should try your best to deliver the best mobile-friendly content you can do for people to visit. The more information you can cater to online audiences, the better.

Location-Based Content

Smartphones has the ability to locate people where they are. A lot of companies are utilizing this functionality to deliver location -based content to consumers. This serves as an advantage to deliver relevant content to people based on their location, not the ones that are miles away from them.

The Neater the Better

Back then, websites used to be cluttered to the nth level where every piece of information is thrown into your face. Today, websites are now neater, well organized, and faster. Utilizing this website design philosophy on mobile devices gives you an advantage to optimize and deliver relevant content to people in a faster and cleaner way minus the hassle of dealing with clutter.

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