Your Guide in Writing Popular Press Releases

Garnering newsworthy information is something that you should proudly share to the public. The more it gets publicized, the more media coverage you will get. And one way to do this is by writing a press release. If you want to learn more how to write a crisp, concise, and worthy-to-read press release, then you have come to the right place. Below is a simple guide that you can follow to get a smooth process of writing a popular press release that can surely attract the reader’s attention. Let’s begin!

Writing a Press Release

A press release is divided by four different parts; Title & Subtitle, Body, Boilerplate, and Contact Information. Let’s breakdown these four so you’ll have a better idea in how to write them in a neat and readable manner.

Title and Subtitle

  • First thing you should do is to slap on that “For Immediate Release” on the top of the page. Underneath that is where the title of your piece should go. The title should have a bigger font size, and bolded. After the title is the italicized subtitle where you can put some few extra info on what your piece is all about.
  • A good title should effectively catch the reader’s attention as soon as they see your piece. It must communicate with the reader, luring them in to read the entire thing. This also applies to your subtitle as well. With proper use of keywords, you can create an interesting and engaging title and subtitle for your press release.


  • Make sure that the first paragraph of your press release contains the full story of the entire thing. Think of it as an inverted pyramid, where all the important details are gathered at the top, and the final bits and small details are found at the bottom.
  • Additionally, don’t forget to proof read the body after writing it. You never know, maybe you want to add a fee extra details that you haven’t thought off while writing for the first time.


  • The boilerplate is a section where you can put information about the company you are working on as well as its awards and achievements.
  • But wait! Don’t write it commercially like you’re promoting your company/organization. Remember, you are stating facts, not bragging how good your organization is. Keep it simple, concise, and filled with important information only.

Contact Information

  • Lastly, this is the section where you can put your contact details such as name, email, social media accounts, and the like. A mailing address is optional, but it’s up to you. Having a contact information section is a must for every press release so readers will know where to keep in touch with you.

Platforms to Submit Your Press Release

Assuming that your press release is ready and set, it’s time to opt for a viable newspaper company where you want it to be featured. If doing everything online is your cup of tea, listed below are some popular sites where you can submit your press release for primetime.

PRWeb – this is your go-to site where you can submit your press release to different platforms without hassle.

iReach (Newswire) – this is a popular press release submission site that comes with a price. However, if you had the cash then you can go with it.

PRBuzz – this is also another paid website where you can submit your press release to different media platforms depending on how much you paid.

There are myriads of press release submission platforms scattered around the web. Listed above are just 3 examples that you might love to try out. A quick Google search will take you to more of them.

Publicity is Cool! Promoting Your Press Release

The last thing you should to is to promote your press release. Submitting it to various platforms won’t mean a thing if you don’t promote it. The more you promote, the better publicity it gets. Of course, it will definitely cost some few bucks but if you’re willing to sacrifice for it, the reward you get in the end will be greater.

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